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Armando Caligiuri was born in a small village in the ionian Calabria  at the end of the 1960s of the last century, and is where he started to handle the first resistors, the first transistors and the thermoelectric valves contained in those days in radio and white- black TV.
In fact your Father who in that time in his spare time cares for the repairer with him often in the laboratory, and to make him feel comfortable with the objects that in the mind of a child have something mysterious and fabulous. The question I asked my dad was "but how do music and voice get out of the radio".
I was hours and hours listening to those strange devices emitting voices and hot-sounding music, timbred due to the fact that in
that era used mostly amplitude modulation (AM) in mid - wave band, the frequency modulation (FM) would begin to appear shy with the first VHF band transmitter, installed by RAI at San Nicola dell' alto only a few years later, in conjunction with the installation of a large trellis, which i saw perfectly from my windows, and which attracted my attention and my childhood curiosity.

Those questions remained so only for a short time, because my curiosity and thirst for knowledge was soon met, but I wanted to know more, I did not content myself, so that as soon as I first acquired the rudiments of reading, I came across various texts of electrical engineering and Electronics that my father possessed, and I started disassembling everything that came to me with my hands inside electronic components, with my mother's great disappointment.
So at the age of six I already knew many things in this world that still nowadays as an adult over forty years old, it seems fascinating and full of stimuli.

    Electronic components and vintage technical literature that I jealously keep in my archive, including a 6L6 valve of 1947, a 6A8 of 1937 and paper capacitors

After elementary and middle school, consistent with the goals I have pursued since childhood, I joined the I. P.S.I.A. school Of Crotone, where I have been able to refine some concepts, despite the intrinsic limits to the school itself. Then came many titles and certificates deriving from various training courses in which I participated or in which I carried out tutoring and teaching activities, still now in the context of continuous updating I attend several courses dedicated to new technologies which in the meantime assert themselves in the electronic and computer field.

What I would like to emphasize, however, is that basically my preparation is due to the ever-present desire for knowledge and to the self-taught training activity I have always been subjected to, the curiosity as a first and the constant search for information to satisfy it.
The arrival of the great internet network has in my case been the opening of an entire information and collaboration universe, a real revolution.

It should be emphasized the long activity of tutoring and teaching in electronic, computer science and environmental screening projects on electromagnetic pollution from N.I.R sources and I.R. realized with the most important schools in the city of Crotone, in the link below an example of what I have accomplished.

           Magazines thanks to which I have entered the fantastic world of electronics, I have almost all the vintages from 1960 to 1974


         Project activity and prototyping, which I have been doing since I was still a student                 Beautiful red tube ECH4 series built in 1940, with a cap anode

Today, after an intense and tiring collaboration for many years with a Crotone company dealing with computing and biotechnology and environmental research, and where I have done, among other things, for sixteen years of consulting and IT assistance

(Technical agency for the province of Crotone) on behalf of a well-known multinational company in the branch (Olidata SPA), I am a freelance open to cooperations with anyone who wants to work in the field of moving electrons, that is all that is moved by An electric current.

More information about who I am and what I can do can be found on my Linkedin page by clicking on the image below:


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