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Welcome to my site, news and updates from moving electrons. Added page dedicated to seismology.
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Welcome to my site, here you will find information, educational materials and many other things about the world of electrons in motion, that is, the world of electronic, of' I.T. and amateur radio, then that is what I work on business and hobby ever since.
I decided to put online this site for the sole intention to disclose the materials mentioned earlier. The site will be enriched over time with loads of interesting material and teaching, as well as other projects made by me, which will add the datasheet of the components used in the present and in the past, and other valuable information for fans.
If you need to contact me for any questions addressing issues displayed on the site, you can write when you want to address
e-mail specified in the contacts section.
Learn more about who I am and what I do can be found in the section who they are.

To view the seismograms generated by my seismograph you can go to this link.

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Thanks for visiting my site and good navigation.

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